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Enrollment Calculator


Easy Benefit Elections Calculator !

​​To compute benefit designations that appear on your payroll advice statement, follow the boxes below. Indicate your choices then select the "calculate" button. Remember that this amount is deducted from the generous Benefit Allowance provided by the state of Oklahoma. Any excess will be added to your salary (pre-tax) and any overage will be deducted from your salary.

Step One​​:

Indicate the Plan Year and the Pay Frequency that affects you.

Step Two:

  • Select your other options in the other available Selection areas.
  • Select the refresh button to the right of the Pay Frequency dropdown to view your changes.

* Please refrain from hitting your *ENTER* key while using the calculator. Doing so will cause the page to submit and may result in calculation errors.


An error occured while getting plan period data.

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